leaving belgrade

after a month of fighting for visas i will finally leave for cape town in few hours.

the most bizarre thing was applying for a one hour visa to make a plane transfer in heathrow six months from now. it took me a week, 60 euros and a ton of documents to get a permit to use the airport. also my fingerprints and photos have been taken.

the embassy staff offered me a two day visa so i could stay in london and i thought: london is super expensive and every time i was there it was raining and cold; its super polluted and its all concrete – on the other hand cape town is sunny, clean and happy. why would i even think about staying in london.

i think cities like this are great for making money – horrible for living.

of course there is always the bright lights and all the cultural content as a diversion but at the end it is hard for me to adjust to it. however belgrade is much more miserable yet i enjoy it because i was born here and i have a lot of emotional content. london is great for londoners just like belgrade is great for me.

but if i can choose where to go from belgrade i would choose a cheap sunny beach instead of an expensive dirty city.

i am worried about rafael’s choice to live in paris. i find paris equally distracting and unhappy as any big city. especially paris has a way of making people thing something will happen but hardly ever anything happens.

it was at some point in my life when i realized this and when i started feeling this huge emptiness in these places. milano however was already my home and i always miss it. for me it has a lot of emotional content and my own personal history.

it is hard to find a perfect place to live.

i admire my friend stuart barnes who left london and moved to a small house on a beach in a lagoon in sedgefield, south africa. he dedicated himself to kitesurfing and pays his bills with flash coding. i will visit him soon.

however my sport does not allow me to spend too much time in sedgefield – there are no pools over there.

my next post will be from cape town.