martin lindstrom

martin lindstrom time magazine

i was ready to sleep when i discovered danish branding speaker and author martin lindstrom.

i visited his bugged website.

on one side it played videos i could not control, on other video i wanted to view.

took me maybe 5 mins to figure out how to view one video without being annoyed by the other.

do not ask why i was so motivated.

i just get super annoyed by these guys.

there is a new guy every week.

anyway, martin is selling some kind of a pseudoscience on advertising, branding, whatnot.

he used every single cliche buzzword available mixing it with some early 20th century “science”.

martin lindstrom is a speaker.

speakers speak, they do not do.

there are those who do practice “neuromarketing” who all sound like bullshit to me.

any form of commercial biomonitoring sounds like bullshit.

it i 1am and i am annoyed by some website.

i really need to reconsider my behavior.