meet in a nice restaurant vicenza details

andrea toniolo

more specific information about meet in a nice restaurant vicenza:

1st dinner
27th novermber 7:30pm
restaurant: boccone perfetto, contrĂ  san rocco 14
live music performance by pommac is a band
price: 25 euros + music fee
if you wish to perform something like sing, recite or tell jokes you are welcome, its an open stage

2nd dinner
28th november 7:30pm
restaurant: tre visi, corso palladio 25
price: don’t know yet but is more expensive than boccone perfetto

it is possible we will do a group run in venezia on sunday morning.

if you wish to participate please register by emailing me your name, email, phone and location.

you can get in touch with me on cell +381 63 268906.

everybody is welcome.

see you soon.