message to all the blacks in usa: racism is real, i believe you

eddie murphy

when i was a kid i watched the eddie murphy snl white like me sketch where he paints himself white and experiences life as a white person. suddenly everything is free and everything is a party, when there are no blacks. it was funny but i never believed it. and through the years i always thought blacks are complaining too much. how they have to work harder and everything will be fine. i never witnessed any racism in my life, even during my many visits to south africa.

and then i stayed for more than a week with a usa white first generation immigrant family. boy oh boy! i was utterly shocked that blacks are clearly referred to as inferior in everyday normal conversation. and with their kids as well. at some point i thought: these people are isolated nutts. but then they had visitors who joined in. random visitors whom they did not know before. for them being a racist is like being a soccer fan, you can easily connect. my favorite quote is when dad asked his nine year old daughter: “are there any blackskins in your school? i hope there are none, otherwise we would need to move.”

so i have to apologize to all the blacks. i now believe that some whites really do not like you. they sit around their homes and really really do not want you anywhere near. i have to also question anyone who says that there is no conspiracy, no social problems, but only work problems.

this makes me think if there are people who hate the groups i belong to. scary!