message to the scottish citizens: vote NO


i have been born in a country which included of six states, three languages, and three religions.

through my life this country has disintegrated into eight countries.

they are all countries with a single dominant nationality and religion – nation states.

i doubt that any of these new countries are better off than being together.

the worst thing about such divisions is that 20 or more million citizens of these countries believe that this is awesome.

homogeneous and boring, all proud of their national dishes and natural riches (mountains, beaches, rivers etc), and all hiding debts which pay for that nationalism.

innovation is reduced to divide and conquer, without anything useful ever coming out, reducing everybody to a worker / consumer class.


what i have learned is following:

– nation states are proven to be ridiculous and useless already centuries ago. creating one in 21st century is same as riding a horse instead of driving a car.

– nationalism is always a form of demagogy used by wannabes who want to use the lower class. if you find proof otherwise please email me.

– countries which learned to retain and grow their integrity like italy, united states, united kingdom, and south africa, are able to be innovative and improve.

– if you can not learn to solve problems within united kingdom, how can you solve problems within scotland.

– dividing does not really stop where you think it will stop. it has a tendency to go way beyond the expected comfort zone of those who started it.


i hope united kingdom keeps its intengiry.

from all the stuff the british empire has brought to our history (good and bad), the best is a lesson that we must mix and work together.

vote NO.