money flow

carlos slim helĂș

i bought some milk and bread for 50 eurocents.

a client paid me 100 euro for coaching.

i bought running shoes and gear for 300 euro.

running shoe and gear company paid rafael for design 20.000 euro.

rafael and i paid for hosting and domain names 2.000 euro in last year.

private investor paid 2.000.000 euro for 20% of hosting company.

hosting company paid 20.000.000 euro for the server farm office.

owners of building sold to the hosting company paid 100.000.000 euro to the construction companies.

consutruction companies paid 50.000.000 in taxes to government.

goverment paid euro for nato alliance membership.

nato alliance paid euro to weapons manufacturers.

weapons manufacturers paid in salaries to their employees.

those employees paid 50 eurocents for bread and milk.