morality and quality

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there is always a risk of being a moralist.

moralists are those anal perfectionists who keep watching everything you do and bitch about it.

worst ones are online moralists, who do not have the guts to say it to your face but take their latent anger back home and write an angry blog post at 2am.

i like to think i am not a moralist but i do doubt that.


i live in a country which is presumably super corrupt. whenever i go to wikipedia, bbc or some other media source im bombarded with information how serbia is corrupt in every possible aspect and how its not possible to even buy a sandwich without bribing someone or making a deal.

corruption is like a drugs or sex. its a basic human need but media tries to tell us how its super bad. why?

corruption usually causes drop of quality. if you choose someone to paint your house not because they are best painters but because they are your friends or they will do you a favor then you do not get the best paint job. the people who can do the best paint job also do not get work and get depressed (and bitch on blogs in the middle of the night). its a big mess.

but why would i care to have the best pain job? why do i need this best quality?

good quality in everything increased life quality overall, especially when it comes to medical, social, legal, safety stuff. you can not really compromise. it has to be good. also one bad thing creates an atmosphere it is ok to slack and soon everything goes to waste. it is hard to good stuff in isolation, system needs to stimulate high quality overall.

we can agree that not choosing best stuff all the time leads to low quality of everything, and that corruption means you are not choosing best stuff, then we conclude that corruption leads to low quality of everything.

anything that is chosen not because its best quality but because of something else – friendship or reward etc – is corruption and that hurts you and everybody around you.

so everybody has to keep choosing the best stuff all the time.

when you eat you have to eat the best food. when you buy a car you have to buy the best car. when you tell people about art you have to tell them about best art. everything best, always, high quality, anal perfection.

very stressful and energy consuming! you will get a heart attack quickly!

also best is very hard to define. what is a best car? everybody says their car is best. to say something is best you need to establish metrics. car producers hope to establish metrics which go in their favor – cheep easy stuff like speed and cool – but sometimes they have to respect the market metrics – expensive and covert stuff like economy and safety.

its so hard this whole thing about avoiding corruption.

it is normal to analyze yourself – ask when did you not choose the best quality. when did you allow yourself to be chosen not because you were best. did you take someone else’s place, did you not give someone the best place. did you analyze well enough yourself and others. it is so hard to be mindful of all these details but eventually it becomes easy. one has to practice.

there is always fear first that if you analyze you will end up being super corrupt but that is ok, everybody is, it is only human.

as long you do not think only people with dark skin and no money are corrupt :)