motivational email to a triathlete

lance armstrong time trial motivation

for any coach (and i am some kind of a coach i guess) it is best to work with people who are super aggressive/motivated. this is an ideal. these people fight for every millimetre of the distance and than go home and think about it non stop, how to make it better, and than tomorrow again and again and again. perfect combination of “i will kill you and mess you up” with superior creativity to channel that energy.

this is an ideal.

i do not think it exists.

motivation goes up and down. people lose interest. people are not even motivated for their own well being, than how can one expect them to be motivated for some abstract bullshit results. it only happens by accident.

i have no experience with this except that i am always frustrated that people i work with (i mean everyone) is not at 100%. id like everything to be perfect.

that’s why i like ironman – i will die happy if i know that i had a perfect race which i know will never happen. it is a race in which each swim stroke, each pedal turn, each running stride was done at 100%. i grabbed most water, i used most of the pedal cycle and i grabbed most distance. in ironman uk i felt it a bit. the run was almost perfect – pure aggression – and it showed in results: 12th run overall. i am getting goosebumps just by remembering that feeling. nothing better than that. it is the ultimate drug.

i wish i could live like that every day but that is not possible. i have many races in which i am super bored. it goes up and down.

anyway i am not wise when it comes to these things and you are sending time reading my actually useless emails instead of focusing on your bread and butter. :)