music i grew up with

sergei prokofiev

many do not know that i have spent hours and hours listening to classical music when i was in elementary school. i was just in love with antonio vivaldi’s spring and sergei prokofiev’s montagues and capulets.

i always did not like tchaikovsky. when i was a kid i found a record of his 1812 overture and i really disliked it. i had to push myself to listen to it for five minutes.

i am a fan of nietzsche and of course i wanted to try wagner few years back – what a disaster! – how boring his music is! maybe all friedrich wanted to do is to have some in-and-out with cosima (although she is not really a “looker”).

i loved and still love beethoven and bach (who doesn’t).

not liking mozart’s “classical works” is like saying that you do not like sugar (nonsense!).

but vivaldi’s spring and prokofiev’s montagues and capulets is the top of the top. and mozart’s requiem. and orff’s carmina burana as well.

listen to spring and montagues and capulets on my

with all the current music stuff changing all the time i sometimes forget about this awesome music i loved so much when i was kid, it is so powerful.

i wonder if classical music can substitute sex. like if one would listen to classical music all day, would that be enough of satisfaction to totally fight of libido?