negative italian stereotypes

lucio fontana

my passion for stereotypes is an old one.

more than 10 years ago i made personality stereotypes website to collect information on stereotypes.

i printed 1000 copies of personality stereotypes book and i am still giving this book to everybody i meet.

i believe that stereotyping is unnecessary and destructive.

i hope people who saw personality stereotypes website or book relaxed a bit and stereotyped a bit less.

i also dedicated substantial part of my art to exploration of stereotypes through text.

but it still amazes me that i still hear negative stereotypes.

even from people who have been around and are somewhat accomplished.

most recent one was that “italians are not effective”.

this was said by a north european and i seems like another “north is superior to south” ideology.

these kind of statements are simply racist.

please do not stereotype :)

if you do have to use a stereotype, then at least use a positive one, like “mothers are great cooks”.