nike lunarglide +

nike lunarglide +

for last few years i always bought running shoes in south africa.

i bought only asics and i would order them through the same shop, from the same guy (thank you aubrey).

this winter i am staying in belgrade and it was time to get new running shoes.

problem in serbia are sizes.

serbs are very big and i am the smallest serb i ever met.

i am 171cm and 66kg.

most serbs are 185cm and 100kg.

if you are smaller than me and you are serb please email me.

fact that serbia is good at basketball says something.

so there are no sizes for me.

smallest running shoes are 42-43 european.

i always feel like living in a land of giants.

and i have a super tiny foot – i wear 40.5 asics and 41 nike.

so when i saw nike lunarglide + in size 41 european i bought it immediately.

it looks cool but i will see how it works.

i had nike + few years ago for testing but i gave it away.

i use only old ipod shuffle (no display) and garmin 310 xt.

that was a nice product oriented post.

shopping is fun.