nonsense motivational statements on social media

perfect family

more and more celebrities are posting motivational statements on twitter and facbeook.

subjects range from the speed of life, value of friendship, and even joy of living.

this is an easy way for them to ping the audience and get a safe positive reaction.

result is that all these people start sounding generic and same to me.

i can not tell a difference between a metal band and a housewife.

they all repeat the same boring motivational statements, with an occasional re-post from reddit humor.

to add insult to injury, people are retweeting these statements with extreme bursts of enthusiasm.

i decided to add some of my own statements.

here goes, please share:

the world is so round that it looks like something, for everybody, tomorrow, in the fog

two fishing boats do not make a marina, a waiter does not roast the pig

sometimes life is so fast, and we do not take time, fog, again

your friends are valuable, it is best to have at least seven

woman are made of man, men are made of woman, respect and love, flowers

there is more space in our hearts than in our pockets and brains combined

a car does not make a house, a house does not make a family, a family is everything

you will succeed because the sun rises on the east and there is no fog