obama vs mccain

bush kisses saudi

although it is normal i am still super amazed that people still think of politicians as good or bad, as if they will change stuff, as if there will be some difference after someone comes in office. from outside usa american presidents are all same and i don’t think, in essence, there is much difference on usa stuff as well.

first thing: usa is a country with like gazillion usd military budget and there is no way someone can put that machine out of business. its called defence but its about making ammo that needs to be spent and some million military morons that have to do something to justify their fat salaries. there is no way usa will NOT bomb someone, it has to. that is why it exists and that is why everybody allows it to be so powerful. no one else in the world wants to bomb around. only other crazy country to do this is russia and maybe china in few decades (god help us than!). so far usa is the bombing kind of country and that obviously suits everybody else and it is made to bomb. usa bombs. obama is not going to change that. only thing he can change is who usa will bomb.

second thing about usa politics: local usa issues are bullshit marketing for elections. usa presidents need to bother with this local marketing stuff to get and keep the job. local usa voters seem to care about this and its something everybody has to pretend like its important. where the real money comes from is international lobbies: albanian mob, oil guys, russians, chinese, japanese, eskimos, colombians, you name it… all these guys are paying big money and this is where the business is. presidential campaign is about jerking around with some local abortus/tax/whatever marketing trick, while real business is with some bizarre tribes from some desert or mountain who promise some war in exchange for some power which usa delegates all over the place. this is how things are, how world works and has always worked.

so please do not get into the whole obama is good, mccain is bad or vice versa. no such thing as good or bad in this case. they are politicians and they do what politicians do: market to gain popular support and than sell this support on the international marketplace to eskimos and similar tribes that get the money god knows where.

if you are a usa voter your vote is always on sale internationally.