obama wins nobel prize!

barack obama

barack obama wins nobel peace prize

dan brown wins nobel prize in literature

dave j. o’reilly (ceo of chevron) wins nobel prize in chemistry

dr. phil wins nobel prize in medicine

richard s. fuld jr.(ceo of lehman bros) wins nobel prize in economics

nikola tosic wins nobel prize in irony

why is nobel prize a big deal anyway? what am i missing?

if you are a president of usa and you do not bomb anyone in the first year you should get a nobel peace prize. is not what obama is trying and preaching to do exactly what presidents are supposed to do? it is their job not to start mayhem and clean up a mess of previous presidents?

and isn’t it a bit extreme to reward someone so early? when i make websites i think a year is too early to say anything, maybe two years is a safe period. when you run a world power surely one year must be to early to judge the effects. maybe he does deserves it but he still has few more years. nobel prize guys should have waited a bit more, it is not like this is the last nobel price they are giving.

nobel prize, if it ever had any credibility beyond mass popularity, has lost it now for sure. are the nobel guys so desperate for attention that they resort to this kind of cheap pr tricks.

next nobel peace prize must go to arnold schwarzenegger. that will get nobel prize some hits. especially if arnold plays in next terminator.

i can try and be even more cynical: i am in general annoyed by prizes and popular competitions. they never made any sense to me. they mostly tend to award most popular guys so they get some hits and mingle. nobel prize is not very different, but for some reason its branding is of some “high class know it all establishment”. in reality nobel prize must be desperate (for freshness).

strategy tip: do not do stuff that can seem stupid 100 years from now. another tip: study history. tip to myself: shut up and go to bed.