personal finance

golden teeth

im super stupid when it comes to money.

i know very little because i never needed to know.

it is not that i come from a rich family – i wish – mostly that i come from a strange family with a very strange attitude towards money.

our bizarre attitude for money makes people think we are rich but we are not, we just think of it weird.

you may think that a poor person can not think like this, but then you are right, i am not poor even though i would still say that most poor people are even more eccentric towards money.

it seems that lack of money does not necessarily stimulate an interest in collecting money. lack of money does not mean need for money.

all people live with belief that they will live forever and that tomorrow is a new day. if we would not think this way life would be horrible cause we will die and death is nothing, all is gone, but luckily we are programmed to keep forgetting this which is, in my opinion, very good design.

as there is very little fear of death there is very little need for money.

also money is kind of a bizarre invention, it is not a natural product but it happened somewhere towards the end of our evolution, only recently actually, so maybe we are not used to it still.

i am not going anywhere with this post.

this is just a rant.

check out poke’s global rich list.

it is done in a bit of a quick lazy way, they should update it and improve it from time to time, but it works. nice idea.