poetry reading at yale

neil perry

brendan griffiths was nice to invite me to do a skype poetry reading for his yale audience.

if you are close please come by tomorrow, 10th november, at 7pm est at studio 411, 36 edgewood avenue, new haven, connecticut, usa.

i will read only one poem and then we will have a longer q&a section.

i have to warn you that i am quite bad at reading my own poetry.

the benefits of having an author – me – read their own poetry are – i guess – in the opportunity to discuss the poems after.

this is useful if you care to know or question why or how something ended up as a poem.

remember when you were in school and teacher asked you what did the poet mean and you had to come up with some bullshit.

now you can just ask the author – me – directly and most probably you again get a bullshit answer. :)

i look forward to this. any chance i am in the center of attention is very exciting.

another warning: i am trying to get off coffee for past few days which is making me super sleepy and strange.

one more warning: for me it will be 1am which together with lack of caffeine can make me super weird.

last warning: please be nice to elders. one day you two will be old.