possession by andrzej žuławski, super weird movie

isabelle adjani posession

possession is a film by andrzej žuławski: isabelle adjani looks awesome, sam neill is young and cool, but the movie is so super weird i have no idea what it is about.

i mean i can not even explain what it is about: it has some weird creatures, some gunfights, some very weird characters…

simply it is the weirdest movie i have ever seen in my life… and i have seen some weird shit believe me.

this makes eraserhead look like a disney christmas family feature.

andrzej žuławski is mega weird. it is so weird i might even say its cool, just because it is so weird.

i dare you to watch it from start to finish with your friends, girlfriend, wife or even kids, like no stop. it will be a challenge.

for a whole day today martina, my girlfriend, and i have been telling each other: what the fuck is that movie about?

bravo to andrzej for making the weirdest movie ever! that is an achievement.

this is maybe one of the less weird scenes in the movie (still super weird):

email me what you think about the movie.