radovan karadzic

radovan karadzic is one of the biggest living criminals. it is unfortunate that he did not accept his guilt and that he still wants to defend himself against the charges. people like this hardly ever get the point, they do not understand that they were the decision makers who causes huge devastation and suffering etc. how awesome would it be if he would only accept the guilt and set at example to billions of other people that an individual like he is can understand that war is, put simply, bad.

what many people do not understand is that george bush and many other country presidents could easily be accused for similar charges. however this will obviously will not happen. united nations has a tendency to look the other way when it comes to iraq, aghanistan or most of other wars, while balkan wars are and will remain as a special case in which global media can point the finger.

i personally am super annoyed by guys like radovan karadzic but for me he is not special in any case. he annoys me equally as every polititian and every soldier who has supported any kind of war ever since human kind exists. every individual who makes a choice to be part of an organization which has a goal of killing other people (military) should find himself in the same position as radovan karadzic: in hiding or being prosecuted. if you make hot dogs in military you are still part of the system so obvoiusly support its goal. not on the same level as karadzic or bush but thats a detail.

if karadzic was smart (he is super smart but not super super smart) he would accept his guilt and try to set an example which would inspire people to turn against war, against military. this is the only way he would trully defeat his enemies as they would disapear together with the concept of war.

if i am crazy to think that war is not necessary – i do not think so. i think it would be quite easy to get rid of war if there was the will to do it amongst top few thousand people. unfortunatelly people who do get in these positions are usually retards and smart smart people do not bother to get in these positions, and than we have war because these retards don’t really see it coming nor know what to do when it does come, and when it gets going they only know how to make more of it.