ready for 50km?

flying dog

last time i did a 50+km run i was ok.

i was lighter and i brought at last double gels i needed.

tomorrow i will do a 50km run race but at easy pace – like long run.

i switched my focus towards a 100km run in copenhagen (still not 100% but 95% decided).

so i will use this race as a long run.

first thing i need to worry about is not to get bored.

if i am motivated i could run 50km at 4:20 or faster, if i get bored by the whole thing i can quit after 5km.

i really do not know.

now that i am older i really became weird.

i have zero tolerance to boredom, but when im motivated i can dig deep.

body is ok but mind is always tricky.

i have a friend who recently started training seriously and he is all hyped about it.

he runs max 10-12-15km every week – kills himself.

and it helped him as he managed a 3:42/km @ 15km just the other day.

i just do not have this motivation anymore.

i ran 3:58 @ 10km but i will do such a run only if ts easy and relaxed.

i just do not push, i do not care about it so much.

maybe if wild dogs with laser eyes would be chasing me, otherwise forget it.

so everything about this 50km run is about not getting bored for those 3-4 hours.

i am actually thinking to run faster so its more fun and finishes quicker.

another problem is my right knee, i have a problem with a tendon or whatever.

after 90mins it always gets super tight and hurts.

usually when i have a stupid injury like this in a race it motivates me.

in ironman uk i had super bad pain in my knee and it gave me such good energy.

the pain was so intense it can phantoming all over my body as i tried to ignore it.

also the markers were in miles, not kilometers, and i did not have a garmin so i had no idea what i was running.

i was just super pissed off.

at one point i yelled like an angry viking.

it worked as i clocked a nice 3h 1min for marathon on a super hilly course (700+m ascent).

so maybe pain will be good.

it is a good motivator.

i do not have enemies at the race, at least not the worthy ones.

there will be people who annoy me but they are pussies (thats why they annoy me).

we shall see.

i hope its fun.