ready for norseman triathlon

norseman triathlon equipment

on 7th august i am doing norseman triathlon.

it is a long slow race.

must take it easy and eat well.

i have not trained regularly, but i am prepared to finish.

i am happy with my newfound balance between such extreme sports, life, work, everything.

many thanks to my coach ole and aleksandar for inspiration.

it is great to perform athletically yet be able to do other stuff.

what does annoy me about this race is logistics.

last time i ever do such a race.

i have to pay for extra people to come with me, rent a car, drive a lot…

i have all these new things i had to get like lights and vests and things.

i was never able to develop sensibility for equipment and gadgets.

i just can not be bothered by equipment.

i pay others to do it for me but no one ever does a good job of course.

i prefer to be abstract.

maybe triathlon is too concrete for me and this race is a concrete overload.

anyway, i will be away for a week – from 3rd until 10th.

sorry if i do not answer email.

if you wish to break in my flat now is the time.

nothing to rob though.

some good cheese in the refrigerator though.

look at the above photo of all the stupid stuff i have to carry with me.

can you believe there is some 1500 euros worth equipment in that photo.

and thats only part of it.


what i do appreciate is that this race made me get out and do some exercise.

maybe i live longer for it, unless i get hit by a car while i train.