national ironman record is not mine anymore

serbian ironman record trophy

this is the serbian ironman record trophy in my living room.

i am not sure how many people who read this blog know that i was the national ironman record holder in my country. the result which brought me the record is super slow but no one ever with serbian citizenship did an ironman race faster than that so i got the record.

i am also, sort of, the inventor of the concept of this serbian ironman record. and i hired a swiss/serbian ironman/artist to do a trophy for it. all for fun.

now my coach broke the record in ironman florida race. he did a horribly shitty run but managed to pull few minutes out of his ass and take the record from me by less than a minute. funny!

i congratulate him but i think he can do much better.

it is boring when one expects something and that something does not happen.

i don’t know how he takes the whole pressure of being a record holder and still underperforming. so weird this record with this duality. it is a joke and reality. a monster. but fun. something to keep our bored minds entertained.


i am not a record holder anymore… at least not in ironman… i do have the world record for the longest and most painful stitch and also i am the guy who wrote biggest quantity of stupidest poems and brags most about it.

i think records i still own are much more fun.

inventing world or national or even street records is fun.