robbed again

pirate davey jones

i was robbed again. this time our house was robbed and my bike was stolen, martina’s computer and some other stuff.

also i have been feeling super weak in training and i had an ecg test in sports science institute and my heart is in a mess, so i need to see a cardiologist on tuesday and check it out.

so it could be a really bad week but i do not feel so bad, it gave me some time to finish up some stuff and relax a bit. i did some basic training to maintain the strength and i organized buying a new bike on monday.

i am just supper annoyed by people around me who keep talking how horrible everything is. it seems that when something bad happens there is this horde of people who can’t wait for it so they can bother me with their theories about how world is going to hell, how crime is higher, how endurance sports is super dangerous, how everything is dangerous and negative and eventually it is all shit.

like one ironman guy here had a car crash and he suddenly hates south africa, says he knows “what these people are capable of”. wtf! i mean, you can have a car crash anywhere in the world. anyone who starts sentences with “these people…” should be smacked in the face immediately.

fact about our robbery is that we do not know if we actually locked the door or not.

i do not know, i am quite annoyed by people who are so negative. i really do not care if im robbed or if im going to die in a week or if i am sick or whatever. why should i? it will happen anyway. whats the point of drama. i mean i like drama in a sense i talk to friends about it and we make jokes, i get some attention and its fun and than we talk about something else. im into marketing anyway so i love attention and anything that gives me attention, but i do not like superficial everything sucks bullshit.

very boring…

im free these days so if you wanna do something fun, like make a nice website, let me know, but if you have theories how world is going to end and nothing works and everything is shit then fuck off…

such is the life i chose. i am aware of risks. people who are surprised by bad stuff are fools.