saying vs listening: email exchange with joel fox

> The mare street video plays and loads fine on my home computer, which is a
> few years old. It played even better on my work computer. The way that you
> are self-concious on your blog is good to me because it seems to give a more
> complete picture of reality, not just your ideas but the nature of your
> ideas. It is also humble in a way, to acknowledge your own thinking and not
> just present it as truth, but your opinion. It makes me think about my own
> opinions as existing in a sea of personality and limited perspective,
> limited by being just one person. Your digital club post is extra
> self-referential, it would be irritating if you did that all the time, but
> the little bit in all your entrees puts a kind of honesty in them. This
> extra drop of honesty sounds a little self-centered but it also draws me
> inward and reminds me that I carry a bundle of opinions around and usually
> that makes it harder to see things as they are, its mostly just thinking I
> know more than other people.

its not a competition. its great to say what you think and feel relaxed with it. people should do it much more and should listen to it much more. its never about hard data but about between the lines. thats how people will understand others more and also themselves. thats the essence of talking out loud, thinking out loud. if people restrain themselves less information goes out and therefore it is harder to know who others are and who you are as well. it does not matter if what you say is nonsense, its important you say something, you still give valuable information no matter what it is. it is important to say things and listen as well. i have a problem with listening cause i hardly have enough time to say everything i want. i prioritize saying at the moment. also not many people say so i learned to say instead, cause theres not much to listen to.

ill put this on my blog now…