shakira is cool

shakira funny face

do you like britney spears?

some music is good but she is too up and down. what a mess!

do you like j lo?

some music is good but too dominant, bit unstable, weird. i like that she does triathlon.

do you like madonna?

some music is good but she is mega weird. she scares me.

do you like katy perry?

yeah, super cool, but too commercial, already a system and a bit too fake and wannabe.

do you like lady gaga?

three good songs, the rest is for 12 year old girls, extreme sunglasses do not trick me, it is fake kids stuff.

do you like christina aguilera?

never really got into her music and style. she just can not make it. one good song i think.

do you like amy whinehouse?

for about 5 mins and then i escape. biggest mess ever!

do you like beyoncé?

few good songs but seems like a supermarket sale.

do you like shakira?

she strikes the note. at the moment perfect. even if waka waka is so bad.

real regular hard working girl with talent.

i am a shakira fan.