shreddies fart underwear

shreddies farting underwear stock model

1) scenario one: disillusioned photomodel

you sign up as a model for stock photography and next thing you know your photo is advertising anti-fart underwear. you go through depression, aggression, disappointment…

2) scenario two: enthusiastic entrepreneur

someone told you: find a problem and solve it by making a product and you will be a millionaire. however no one told you that this solution should have some style. you invent underwear which makes your farts not smell so bad. first thing you say with this product is: i fart constantly and my farts smell really bad (or i have a friend like that). second thing you say: i am an idiot. you buy stock photos and use them to advertise this bizarre product while you check your e-banking five times a day waiting for that million to show up. in five years you get a job in mcdonalds where you learn how “real” business is done.

3) scenario three: professional football player without an agent

you are frank lampard and you manage your own image and sponsorships. you were too lazy to check what is going online so you missed out on shreddies using you as anti-fart underwear ambassador. by the time you realize your image is ruined for next three generations of your family. people think you have a farting problem.


ps they make your “package” look bigger.