soudesune brags about tobacco works

soudesune petra cigarettes tobacco design

i can somehow understand that someone secretly works for tobacco (maybe to pay medical bills or something like that), but why would someone clearly state on their website, so proudly, that they have done design for tobacco products… this is beyond my understanding.

young design studio based in tokyo, soudesune, risa sasaki and brano beres, does exactly this – they openly promote their tobacco portfolio online, their work on malboro and petra cigarette packaging.

i hope they realize how uncool this is.

there is plenty of work around, it is easy to say no to working for tobacco.

making nice packaging fro tobacco clearly influences sales of something which does kill people, millions of people.

it is that serious for real… really it is… not something to brag about, not cool to put in a portfolio next to all the nice colors and happy logos and smiling photos.

considering ultimate goal of packaging design is sale… most convenient photos for soudesune site are of people dieing of lung cancer.