summary of rafael rozendaal visit to belgrade

nikola tosic rafael rozendaal

– every night we ate at a different restaurant

– rafael had three massages

– we only had one car crash

– every lunch we ate at my parents

– wifi did not work on his computer

– we are both internet addicts – we had few tense moments while sharing the web

– i won 75% of monopology games, he was 25% because i was coaching him

– in a week he was here i only got in two fights with restaurant and cafe staff over quality of service

– both times i asked for a manager and complained formally

– both times i was, of course, right

– i tried to find serbian corn bread for rafael and each shop i went into did not have it (!?!?)

– we had one hike on the local mountain where i was super tired after 10mins

– we did 3 or 4 runs, i can not remember

– we were never late