swearing and choking

krav maga

have had my third krav maga practice. very cool exercises. we get paired with random guys and then get to choke them yelling in their face: fuck you asshole fucking shit face etc… they have to defend with a certain combination of moves. after that i was surrounded by some ten guys swearing at me while my eyes were shut and random guys would choke or hit me (nicely) while i again had to defend after they made contact.

all this is just for us beginners and it is super easy. no one is hurt and it is more funny and confusing than anything else. i can imagine it sounds crazy but its not. also it teaches people to react super quick within weird situations.

for sure this is fucking great art stuff. i mean what happens there is just so visually and conceptually awesome. i have to say i am feeling super inspired by this crazy training, like million times more than bienale di venezia i just visited few weeks ago. contemporary art seems like a joke compared to this.

it is actually very hard to choke someone and yell swears in his face ten times in a row. i really needed to be creative with what to swear as i did not want to repeat myself.

it is weird how far the throat can be moved left / right. guy i was paired with – his throat can move a lot before he would actually start to choke – it was freaky.

overall a great workout.

i am not sure how this looks in other places but there is special flavor to it here in belgrade, serbia. i think if you do it in italy, switzerland, usa… it must be more mellow. here its in a dirty basement with no aircon, its like 40 deg C, its worst than most prisons, and the whole attitude of people is weird. its not like box where you get poor kids, this is a bit like middle / upper class thing, but still… no mama’s boys.

ill see if i can do it in some other country / culture. the whole idea of this training is to switch partners all the time, to experiment with different people.

ironman training starts monday.