swine flu bullshit

cnn breaking news swine flu

ok, so how many died from swine flu – like few hundreds or something. how many people die from smoking – few million a year?

how can swine flu be like number one news and smoking is still like advertised in most parts of the world and cigarettes are sold in shops.

i mean – what the fuck!

in general i can not stand bbc or cnn, they make me sick to the bone, like watching cnn for about 5 seconds gets me so upset i want to just throw the tv through the window, but this swine flue bullshit is the pinnacle.

few days ago they did like 10 mins report from mexico which looks more like sci fi / horror movie than anything else, with all of cnn usual bullshit elements:

– super hype graphics to make it cool

– shaking amateur like camera and similar style filming and editing to give it that special dramatical feeling

– every body wore protection gear as if they are landing on mars (can it be more bullshit drama!)

– and to top it all they interviewed a mother who brought a child for a test (of course a 35-40 good looking mother)

however, it is more amazing people actually give a fuck about what cnn does.

news have not stopped to be news, they were never news. it is called propaganda.

tv did not have five seconds of real news since it was invented. and do not get me started on fucking newspapers… you are better off reading comic books if you want to be informed about whats going on. or better yet, just go out and have a walk around your neighborhood and talk to people on the street.