the devil's advocate (1997)

the devils advocate 1997

just seen the devil’s advocate (1997).

i saw it long time ago, and again this morning.

i am quite impressed.

it is entertaining and clever.

i even learned something.

everybody’s performance is superb.

taylor hackford did a great job (ignore some outdated effects).

so many awsome lines:

worst vice is advice.

freedom, baby… is never having to say you’re sorry.

free will, it is a bitch.

they don’t see me coming: that’s what you’re missing.

the only thing worse than not having a father was having mine.

every one of ’em getting ready to fist-fuck god’s ex-planet, lick their fingers clean as they reach out toward their pristine, cybernetic keyboards to total up their billable hours. and then it hits home! you gotta pay your own way, eddie. it’s a little late in the game to buy out now! your belly’s too full, your dick is sore, your eyes are bloodshot, and you’re screaming for someone to help! but guess what? there’s no one there!