the fighter (2010)

the fighter (2010)

the fighter (2010) is a good movie. i got a lot for my movie ticket. its fun, its cool, its entertaining, its fast, its relatively fresh.

i was a “drug addict” for a bit in my life, and i do sports as well, had a fucked up coach, even did some boxing, my girlfriend is crazy and my family even crazier. isn’t everybody crazy when you get to know them? movie suits me well.

too bad they did not mention that ex-athletes often end up on drugs – its a common thing when you stop sports, body needs chemicals. thats what i think happened to me and few other people i know. i must not stop sports, or i end up as a fat drug addict whale.

gotta do those sports. never quit.

reminds me of my 50km run in few weeks. looking forward to that. running is way cooler than boxing, but boxing is always better for movies. why would anyone watch a movie about running? however running offers some wonderful opportunity to torment your opponents in most subtle ways, it is one of the few sports where you can be aggressive for 5 hours consistently.

boxing is short and you torture others by force. what is so special with all endurance sports, what maybe not many people get, is that you torture your opponents by making them torture themselves. you use their hope and will to hurt them and finally beat them.

boxing is for movies. running and triathlon is the real fight. to bad the image of these sports is so bad but im working on improving that step by step. maybe in my lifetime.