the ghost writer by roman polanski

the ghost writer

i never met roman polanski, and even if i met him maybe i would not be able to tell why he choose this particular piece of fiction.

it is interesting to figure it out cause polanski is such a messed up character… being both a pedophile and an amazing filmmaker.

the ghost writer does not show women in good light.

movie does not show americans in good light.

but that is just a simplistic generalization.

what the movie did is made me wonder who are these people that make plots and try to manipulate stuff around. why can’t they just relax and let things go on. where does this gene come from.

for many people this is a matter of movies, but “american agents” tried to recruit my father in 70s while he was directing western africa pharma sales. that sounds stupid when i write it but it is true. it does happen. for some it is part of every day lives.

as soon as you were an upper manager in a neutral or eastern block corporation in 70s and 80s it was probably not possible that you were not approached by agents. now this is sort of mystical because it is in the movies and cold war is over, but it still is quite common.

why do these people, like long’s wife or her mentor, spent their entire lives bullshitting and manipulating and call it a career i have no idea.

i mean really, is there nothing better to do?

if you are an agent, and one of you probably is (statistically!) then please find a better career choice.

roman polanski really returned some punches to the government which chases him for decades now :) i can admire this pedophile’s fighting spirit a bit.

great performance, great film, just great.

also interesting that writer robert harris presented his school – cambridge – as a place where usa spies network. or am i just being super paranoid.