the last week in few words


i have been a bit quiet.

i had some work to do for a client of mine which is going online soon. as always, working with clients for me is both hell and heaven. this is a very fresh young startup and i enjoy that very much. the client is an old friend which is awesome as well. however, i noticed the main issue with my work, or work of most design / branding / consultants i to gain authority and trust of clients.

when i was younger i thought this to be a problem of my age but than i met some old school legacy designers who had the same problem. and some superstar tough consultants as well strougled with similar issues. so i guess it is a problem of the trade. i think since people actually questions doctors and lawyers in crucial moments, they will definitely question branding consultants and strategists.

my work is 90% convincing clients just to do what my experience and instintincts tell me should be done. if i would have absolute authority (impossible) than i would work 90% less and my clients would save 90% of the money. however huge amounts of time, energy and money are spent on battling between internal authorities.

this problem was most evident in environments during my work in italy, when i worked for companies with much bigger budgets. the distortion of reality due to power struggles was amazing and i just decided this was not a healthy atmosphere for me.

i love my work and i believe i am extremely efficient at my work. however i focus on quality of projects and consider the politics to be a distraction from the project. like a samurai i dedicate myself as much as i can to the end goal of the project and i do not care much for being the most loved guy in the office.

this attitude (methodology) is both my choice and my genetic makeup. also i think it is something which makes me different and therefore interesting as a consultant. in a world where there are millions of consultants and clients can not really tell what they need to shop for first and what is the actual difference between one or the other, it is important to have my own thing. and i am lucky to have it.

so i have been enjoying and hating work for the past week.

and training.

also i quit neen but thats a long story in itself which i am not in a mood to write about now.