tim burton's alice in wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

alice in wonderland is my favorite book. i have read it many many many times. only recently i bought it again and started reading it again. it is a book i like to read every once in a while. i do not read many books but i like to read this one.

i also like tim burton movies.

and tim burton is doing an alice in wonderland film.

however, i would not say a priori this match is perfect. we shall see.. and i think more people should read the book as it is a very special experience (to read it). once a movie is made – especially these days when movies are so popular and dominant visually – book becomes absolete.

i can understand tim burton for not being able to resist to make a movie with this amazing story, but maybe this is like a drug addicts need to create films out of personal experiences, and it should be controlled.

should some books always remain books? i do not know, i am just worried…

i would love to see tim burton’s vision, but it is possible he will destroy my own vision, and many other visions of the children in the future. when you read you create your own pictures, but when you see someone else’s pictures (and this was not possible with movies even a decade ago but with special effects movies are stronger and stronger visually) you might loose a piece of your imagination.

i can not see frodo anymore the way i saw him when i read the book, i only see peter jackson frodo. he stole a piece of my imagination, my creation, he destroyed it. as much as i love lotr movies because they are so easy and so rich (again thanks to special effects) i am still sad that i lost some of my imagination.

i am not against movies… i am just wondering… how much do we loose when we are exposed to such visual dominance? directors need to be popular is so strong now, and studies are putting oil on this fire.

check out usa today info on the movie and loose some parts of your vision already today.