to quit or not to quit

certainly this whole business with and brian droitcour is annoying boring and dragging on.

i have received so many emails and comments.

half of these are how i should quit and how it is embarrassing and how it is really boring. i usually ask these people to actually check what is going on.

a friend of mine got recently hurt really bad by a newspaper, like a week ago, and he was extremely upset. sort of like i am. i did not really understand it. i was like – you are mad, go do something useful. but he kept talking about it. i really did not understand.

and then this happened to me. and now i do understand.

other half of comments i get are mostly that i am doing good and this comes from people who have experienced the same problem. someone presented them badly, people who care that they are treated properly, with respect.

what can i say… please do not send me emails how i should quit and how boring this is for you. if it is boring than do not follow it, it is only on my little blog and in comments to an article. there is plenty of other stuff online to follow. weather i should quit we will see, some discussions there are i think interesting and maybe something useful comes out. maybe the article will not be taken off but i hope that people in realize they should take a bit more care what they publish online. tomorrow it could be one of you who they write bizarre reviews about and then you will definitely understand what it is about.

as many things in life, one has to experience it to fully understand it. neither staff, nor brian nor part of the audience can understand the feeling when this happens to you. all i can ask is at least some understanding for the problem and patience to analyze it full.

in my opinion brian robbed me of some of my work and an opportunity to develop it in my own terms. i was robbed several times recently and i was cool with that, it happens, but in this case, for some reason, i feel something more than just property was taken.

thank you those who support me…

let me know about that lawyer…

for sure this will be forgotten in a month, or in a year, or in a decade. what will remain? maybe just a bit more respect from publishers and writers about their subjects.

i know no other way to make this point but what i am doing now, i am not smart enough to do it differently and this is my problem. maybe if i was born with more intelligence and more power i would solve this in a better way, maybe if i was friends with someone who can influence them or whatever. but i am not. this stupid drama is all someone like me can do and i hope at most it has some effect.

i am only a fart in the wind…

will it damage my image. that is up to you. all i know is that i am doing something i think i should be doing. i made a nice website about it – like i always do.

and brian is an asshole.

but what is bad taste, where does it start and where does it end. how far can someone yell and scream and bitch. how does public perception of this behavior work. i do not know. it is interesting… in a business which is about being cool it is always scary that you are not cool. but what does this mean “cool”? i am sorry i am not smarter to be really cool but what can one do… :)

i know how it feels when you watch someone sing really bad karaoke, you get embarrassed yourself. but sometimes you need to give it a try and go through it. understand this behavior. it is human. it is beautiful.

and brian is an asshole.