usa in 5 pictures

apple mouse

everybody uses a mouse with left and right click.

so lets make a left click only mouse.


because: fuck you.

and people buy it.

go usa!


deer creek canyon grand canyon

usa is almost a complete continent.

it includes two oceans and lots of amazing stuff in between.

and there seems to be a neverending supply of people who want to do crazy stuff in these places.




more weird stuff being made and actually working out commercially!

russians, french, and chinese would never make a movie like superman.


mcdonalds big mac meal

take a hamburger, double it, then sell it everywhere in the world.

while we argue over different tastes of italian espresso,

americans made sure their food tastes same everywhere always forever.

zero confusion there!


mitt romney

the guy who almost became the leader of entire country openly brags about offshoring his wealth.

talk about conflict of interest.

and he almost won.

americans are brave!