vibram fivefingers flow review

vibram fivefingers flow men shoes black

some trends i pick up immediately, some trends i even create, but most trends i am super late. it took me about two years to get on youtube, i am thinking about buy ipad only now, and i started using powertap only few years after it came out. i am on my fourth day of farmville today!

vibram fivefingers is a trend i kept avoiding for a simple reason – those shoes are super ugly. almost as ugly as crocs clogs (i like some crocs models).

finally i got the vibram fivefingers flow black so i can test it. here are impressions:

1) i really like walking in them, they are super comfortable and it feels great.

2) there are some 200.000 google results on “vibram fivefingers blisters” and this post will be one of those results. after a 3km run i got two identical blisters on both big toes. maybe it is my foot that does not fit the shoe but i think with so much details there is a much higher chance of problems. regular shoes took ages to be blister free. adidas shoes systematically gave me blisters 5 years ago, but now they are perfect. regular shoes got wider and more comfortable in time, but vibram fivefingers really wrap around everything tightly and chances of problems exponentially grow. vibram fiveblisters? you could get lucky and not have problems, you could have problems like me – 3km run and its questionable if i can do proper training today – blister is an injury.

3) they are still super ugly. you need to be super beautiful or at least have a great ass like i do, to compensate for uncool factor of wearing vibrams. i think if i wear them for a week non stop most of my friends will block me on facebook, my girlfriend will for sure leave me, and my parents will move to another country. these things are really bad style. but really comfortable? however looking good is not about comfort, if it were we would walk around in skirts like scottish do.

how can you use vibram fivefingers?

if you have extra money to burn, then it is good for once a week easy run walk to help the foot muscules. it is a change so its good. little bit. like cross training or gym or stretching. i would not recommend it for anything more. i am very skeptical you can actually run seriously.

i did 1km at 3:50 to see how it is (after blisters were already created) and it is ok, but it is obvious my foot works much more than in a regular shoe. you need to be adapted and strong to run something like a half marathon or marathon in these, yet it makes not much sense to do so – why? only to prove a point. it is a waste of energy, not a gain of energy.

final: it is a very good specific cross training tool.

however i only tested it for few hours, not more. maybe after i use it more i will change my mind.