vote for john mccain

i made this website to exploit the hype around usa presidential elections.

i think, i really do not care who wins, or about the elections at all, but i wanted to shed some attention on the influence of these elections world wide. i am kind of annoyed that obama is a good guy and john is a bad guy. i really see no difference except that republicans have traditionally started wars in middle east, while democrats have made a mess in balkans (so they can stay away from middle east).

one thing is for sure – powers like america and russia obviously need war. it is part of their system for such a long time that it would be hard to change it, to change the imbread culture of their top management and teach them that there is a chance for some kind of different strategy. only power which is not making so much war yet is china or maybe brazil. but maybe that changes soon. european union, which is in a constant state of mess, is too disorganized to do much war making, nor its structure can support it, it can only follow nato mostly.

i am just an amateur political analizer and stuff i say is super simple and obvious, but for some reason many people still do not get it.

so (unless you are related to middle east, than you should obviously vote for democrats).