vote john mccain

first of all – i am an anarchist. to be more precise i am anarcho individualist. to be even more precise i invented my own form of anarcho-individualism (being a true individualist i have my own set of theories for everything).

second – everybody, including me, would think that if i would choose between republicans and democrats that i would vote for barack obama.

but reality is i would, if i could, vote for john mccain and id like you to vote for him.

reason is very simple: democrats have bombed our asses here, while republicans do not really bother with balkans very much and they focus on more practial and efficient stuff like iraq. some nationalists here would say: let them fight amongst each other.

as long as republicans are on usa will bomb iraq and not serbia and that is good enough for me since my family does own business and property in serbia and it would not be good for business if we are bombed again (history shows reasons for bombing are always quite easy to come up with thanks to mass media).

so vote john mccain and hopefully iraqis and afghans get the bombs so we can keep doing proper business here. these few years without mass murder and mayhem were nice and quiet, we need just few more years of that and than democrats can take over and bomb us again.

ps i know friend of mine, george martorano, wants everyone to vote for barack obama so he might get a pardon so in that case i suggest you read his arguments on his blog