weight loss report 28 oct 2013



raw data

i started weight loss on 4 july 2013.

weight on 4 july 2013 was 78.1 kg.

today my weight was 69.4 kg.

total weight loss is 8.7 kg.

i lost 11 % if my starting weight.

weight loss rate was 74 g / day.

i spent total of 84 h 5 min training.

i spent a total of 2.99 % of time to loose 11 % of weight.


a bit more insight

i focused much more time on learning how to handle technical singletrack and downhill.

i am probably most untalented person for this (read: i am a pussy), but i compensate with persistence.

i hired two coaches to learn mtb technique.

one is jovana crnogorac, 4th u23 woman in the world.

it motivates me to be challenged by someone like that.

getting better in technique allows me to enjoy raiding more.


problems i experienced

i started looking good in clothes (read: not like a sweaty pig wearing size too small).

i almost have a six pack.

i am moving away from looking like kim jong un and getting closer to how brad pit looked like in his prime.

i also think my testosterone is up… or something is putting some drugs in my drinks.

problem – or maybe not a problem – is my libido is 10 times stronger.

i feel sexy.

maybe i am making a fool of myself, but that is how it is :)