what is my legacy


for five years i worked to build a road running and triathlon club. i closed it because it was way too much work. now there are people who, for their own promotion, erase the fact the club ever existed. almost 800 articles, some 150 people who went though the club, so many emails, phone calls and thousands of kilometers swam, biked and ran have disappeared and the work is ignored.

building a club from nothing into an international organization, a connection between so many people, from which i am sure a lot benefited in many was, was a major achievement. so much energy, so many talks, so much work… and now it is as if it never existed. memories are weak.

so if something so big can disappear so easily what is my legacy? how can i make sure there will be legacy?

whatever we build someone can erase it because it makes them feel powerful. because it feeds their ego, it helps them make some extra profit.

will my legacy be my work, my poetry, my sport? i do not know. do i have to fight to protect it or just do not care? do i have to prepare a marketing strategy for it or should i just let it exist on its own?

this is why stonehenge impresses me. shaped stone, still, is the best legacy.