What We Know show, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

rules of the comuterlab

my work rulesofthecomuterlab.com and my live skype poetry reading will be part of the show what we know at the school of the art institute of chicago. also rafael rozendaal, miltos manetas and angelo plessas will take part. show is organized by nate hitchcock.

i made this piece specially for this show – nate asked me to make something that can be on the wall of a computer lab, i do not remember if he suggested the idea of rules. i hope you like it and you can also buy it as a poster from my cafepress.com account.

also i will do a live skype poetry reading at 6:45pm Chicago time – i will focus on early and some late nikola tosic classics like “thank you mr. death” or “miltos manetas”.

be there or be square!

thanks to nate for putting it together.

more info at whatweknow.info.