which music to play to kids before bedtime

i do not have kids when i do get them i will make sure i play drowning pool – bodies to them before sleep.

i think its an excellent song to relax and prepare our little treasures for well earned slumber.

imagine you tuck the kids in, everything nice quiet, and then you play this song at approx. 100 dB.


which reminds me of a good deed i did the other day.

i stopped at a belgrade stop light and a roma begar kid knocked on my window.

i never give them money cause they just take it to their boss but if i have food like candy or soda i give it.

i had few red bulls and i gave him one.

i asked him: did you ever have red bull.

gypsy kid said: no.

i replied: ah ok, nice, make sure you try it before bed time.

let the bodies hit the floooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor!