who is number one 2012 project

who is number one


for third year in a row we are part of the who is number one team.

problem we want to solve: 1/3 of danes get cancer. half of these cases could have been prevented.

our goal: motivate as many people as possible to think at least a little bit about preventing cancer.

our message: you first take care of yourself. you are number one to yourself.

our solution: for 2012, founder of who is number one project, aleksandar sorensen, had a great idea of making a checklist everybody can use to measure how well they are doing in their own personal cancer prevention. checklist includes points about healthy eating and training. everyone who used the checklist would get a score. score helps them see how much room for improvement there is.

aleksandar’s checlist design is really great, he understands how to motivate everyday people to care about their wellbeing.

our job was to make the checklist accessible to as many people as possible.

our team consisted of national geographic, monday, syngenta and others… everybody added a bit.

really nice project which we have seen grow for past years, and hope it will grow even more in coming years.