why is serbia a great place to live

ana ivanovic

if you have 1000 euros on the bank account you are rich

it is fine to play xbox, smoke weed, complain every day and make no money until you are 45

no obligatory military service (thanks to some non stop 20 wars in last century we might have learned the lesson)

no death penalty (even if you kill a president you get few decades only)

parents are obsessed with their children so much that they want to be around them 24/7

you can be broke, stupid, useless, weak and emotionally challenged and still be cool

you are close to adriatic sea, austrian mountains and greek sea, if you have a decent car you can visit all three in a week with few hundred euros in your pocket

most men are super ugly, most women look surprisingly good

it is very relaxing that you really do not need to spend more than 100 euros a year on clothing, you will not stand out

it is ok to regularly use public transport

you can get angry if you are fired after you did nothing for your company for the past decade

emotions come first, reason last, which makes life one big adventure

police does nothing

tax collection service almost does nothing

you can decide not to pay your electricity bill for a decade and nothing will happen

no matter how much you failed in pretty much everything you can always say you have the same passport as djokovic

serbia, in spite of all obvious limitations, somehow performs well in sports

another national talent is filmmaking, but you need to speak serbian to appreciate this

if you systematically keep loosing all wars and chunks of your territory you still have enough blind arrogance to claim you won

it is perfectly normal to swing between greatest success and utter failure as often as possible, stability is overrated

if you are a serbian world champion athlete you are allowed to smoke and get a heart attack by age of 35