will clarke to miss london olympics

will clarke hamburg podium

i am really sorry to hear will clarke will not take part in london olympics.

read the bbc article.

it is my impression that british olympic selection:

1) skipped triathletes who are complete competitors, like will and tim, in favor of athletes who could have specialized in a domestique role;

2) did not communicate this clearly enough to the triathletes, which did not have time to specialize.

i do not agree with the strategizing with domestiques.

this is not cycling where teams are larger and risk is dispersed.

having three top athletes like brownlees and tim don or will clarke is far less risky than having only brownlees and one domestique.

if there were 10 slots in the triathlom team, then a strategy of 3 stars and 7 domestiques would make sense.

when there are 3 slots and you have brownlees, tim don and will clarke who are world class stars, then you make sure all three are giving their best.

i understand triathlon strategy requires a team work but still i am not convinced.

in my experience this is a typical example of overthinking a simple solution.

three top level guys going as hard as they can is better than two top level guys and one helper going as hard as they can.

1 + 1 + 1 = 3

1 + 1 + 0,5 = 2,5