wondering about questioning

frank gorshin riddler

how many terabytes have i produced in my life so far? is it almost nothing or a lot?

how much has the world digital content production increased in last X years? how does this affect the machines?

if i publish something on twitter or facebook etc and someone copies it can i sue them? how much should i say?

i spend five years thinking, i come up with a solution, i put it on twitter in hope to impress someone, because i can not sell it, but someone picks it up and sells it… there is not much i can do about it?

how big is the difference between how i think i am seen, and how majority people actually see me? i hope its not too big! i, like everybody else, think about myself very good things, this is how i am programmed. most people have a tendency to think bad about others (competition instinct) and they need to learn how to think nice about people (this really is a matter of practice). so probably this difference between my self-image and image others have of me is quite big, but how much can i accept?

how much do people in (any) power actually know what they are doing? how much is their action driven by blind ambition (need for power) and how much by objective planning? who wins? those who follow their impulse or those who understand and plan? what is the golden middle? what is safe?

if i believe people are good than i can relax with the blind ambition because human ambition in essence is to good?

how many people will read this post and appreciate it? most of my visits come from stupid google image search (tosic.com was number 1 result for “mickey mouse” image search a while ago).

how much bullshit is there in selling stuff like social media, technology, internet? sure it is great and i can see that but most content about it is super misleading (think weight loss pills kind of misleading). is this an accident or a plan?

should i ask questions or just have fun? questions are fun!