you are in the movie reality

jack nicholson one flew over the cuckoos nest


how is movie reality different from actual reality:

– unfit and fat people can run a kilometers at national track record speeds wearing regular shoes and full suits

– people survive airplane, train, and spaceship crashes

– hardly anyone locks cars

– phone conversations are very efficient, and there is no need to say hi or bye

– teeth are not broken in fist fights, and you can take multiple face punches without any damage

– hitting someone sounds like sacks of sand falling on marble

– there are sounds in space

– almost always there is music

– soldiers and ninjas always attack even if they know they will surely die

– villains have a huge need to talk

– conversations are based on great and funny puns

– people wear outrageous clothing

– no matter where you are in the universe, you can communicate in english

– murdering hundreds of people in most horrible ways has no legal consequences

none of the above happens anywhere else, but the movies.


so if you suddenly:

– survive in a spaceship crash

– you are attacked by 100 ninjas and simply jump on the knife in your hand

– people come up with great puns

– you do not feel a need to lock your car

– and you can run a marathon in 2h 20min without training

… you should know… you are in movie reality.