15 year anniversary of high school prom

ivan simonovic

last night i attended a small drink party for 15 year anniversary of my high school prom.

some impressions:

– my high school class are very nice people, relaxed and cool people, focused, hard working. i am proud to have been part of that class although i am always a little bit of an antisocial goof off.

– surprising how many people have kids. i need to work on having one, im one of the few who do not have any kids.

– no one died yet. no one seems to be into extreme sports or such stuff so i do not expect anything soon, however tobacco industry surely did benefit from our generation.

– it was nice to see who is an entrepreneur, who is working for state company and who woks for a big international. i think the % is good, maybe 10-15% were entrepreneurs which is good considering we grew up in socialism: me, two in construction, one in real estate, one in computer services… most are successful. one is high level consultant to european bank on a personal level which is very impressive. there was a cardiologist, arts professor, lots of bank, risk, financial and hr managers for big internationals like banks, insurances and such. maybe three higher level software developers (systems, java etc) who work for telecom, sungard and some other locals. reason for such high profile jobs in my high school class is because in serbia high schools are specialized and there is a separation between lower level and higher level schools. 4th belgrade gymnasium, which i attended, is higher level (natural sciences course). i am the only one exporting from serbia, which is always disappointing, but thats how it is with a 6mil people country in europe which is not yet part of EU, not enough innovation to export, its mostly about import.

– our class mistress (teacher who lead our class) was there. i hope she survives for few more 5 year anniversaries. she seems same and healthy. that is good.

– my humor and social interaction to these people was surprisingly same as before. i reacted with same humor: hiding their stuff in bread basket, doing photo bombs and complaining about how bad the wine is. i did not change. great!

– wine was really bad!

– everybody agreed facebook made this anniversary organization much easier.

– i had a hard time to remember who is who.

– for some reason everybody thinks i travel all the time, that i live in exotic places etc… since i was the only one in a suit i should have said i was james bond.

– sexiness level is -10. men aren’t really handsome and women are mothers but not really milf. what can you do. with all do respect. nice people. but not really supermodels. me included. all progamers are overweight!