project image of successful pro triathlete

Craig Alexander Orbea

i like triathlon, it is a great athletic lifestyle if you have the time for it. if you are a semi serious triathlete you have to spend at least few months a year in really nice locations (cape town, swiss hills, hawaii) and you meet some pretty cool people.

however, there is something about this sport that makes some pros sound frustrated and confused.

in most sports top athletes maintain the impression of success and winning. then you switch to triathlon and you see a three time world champion unhappy and confused while he blames the whole sport or sport politics. it is disrespectful towards the sponsors. sponsors invest to be related to winning image, not to negative and confusing arguments.

please, to all pro triathletes, when you appear in mass media – be what people want to see: an aggressive successful focused athlete. politics, financials, whatnot is your private issue, not something to share with mass media.

definitely this is not about triathlon team triathletes who are super awesome.